We offer unbeatable value for premium quality, tailored to meet our clients unique needs.

We Provide

ORA sphere is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various settings like trade shows, events, education, museums, and cultural exhibits. It attracts attention, generates curiosity, and becomes the centerpiece of the event.

We provide transportation and installation services for the ORA sphere within the Île-de-France region. Additional fees may apply outside of this area.
The ORA sphere comes with a 3-year warranty covering parts and labor, excluding wear and tear components, projector lamps, and air filters.
ORA sphere can be installed on its base or suspended from ceiling with minimum height and proper weight-supporting infrastructure.
We offer distance or in-person training with the acquisition of an ORA sphere.

Graphic Content

Through our comprehensive content adaptation and creation services, we ensure a collaborative process with your team and timely project schedule for all your graphic content needs.

Content Adaptation

Using Your Own Content

Graphic content integration and broadcasting services available for the ORA sphere. Self-service or fully managed options offered.

Accessing Our Content Library

Our extensive graphic content library is at your disposal for conveying your message effectively.

Retrieving YouTube Content

Seamless integration of 360° videos while films and 3D animations can be projected with a render identical to VR headsets.

Content Creation

Creative Team

Our creative team features experts in art direction, graphic design, and digital art. We also collaborate with specialized partners for specific animations.

Creating A Graphic Universe

For each project, we propose to create a unique graphic universe that reveals and showcases your identity.

Story Telling

We craft a unique storytelling structure through a storyboard, with the aim of captivating your audience and delivering a memorable experience.

A Rigorous Methodology

We follow a proven methodology to ensure timely and budget-friendly solutions, consisting of five clear steps.

Collaboration With Your Team

Throughout each of the five steps, we work closely with your team to ensure that the content matches your project exactly.

Project Schedule

Development and installation takes approximately three weeks for existing content, 1-3 months for original content based on project complexity.

Training Options

Our company provides comprehensive training services to ensure that our clients have the best possible experience and seamless integration of our product into their operations.