About us

The Atmosphere team combines technical and creative expertise, from creative director, motion graphic designer to optical engineer.

ORA Story

I had a life-changing moment during a work trip where I spent hours in an Air France lounge, gazing at a world map with half of it plunged in darkness and half illuminated. This sparked the idea for ORA - a live map represented on a globe. After trials and research, the solution of a projector and “fisheye” lens was found. With the advancements in projector technology, we were able to create a stunning image of a rotating, half-lit earth. Our device is not limited to earth representation, it’s suitable for a variety of uses - from museums to corporate spaces. That’s the start of the ORA journey.



Saclay Institute of Optics

The Saclay Institute of Optics is part of the ParisTech alliance of top engineering schools and is recognized as one of the world leaders in photonics.

Global Imagination

Global Imagination offers a product very close to ours for the American market. We work closely together for the development of our technologies and for some international projects.