A unique sensory experience

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An unique sensory experience with innovative spherical animation technology. Revolutionizes events by elevating content, creating a unique sensory and collective experience.


ORA presents a sophisticated design featuring a metal-constructed base that houses the projection system and securely supports a spherical component crafted from a specially-engineered resin. This resin boasts exceptional diffusion properties, ensuring that the images within the sphere are displayed with remarkable clarity and precision.



Elevate Your Story icon

Elevate Your Story

Tells brand story with impact, creates unique digital experiences, and boosts engagement.

Converge at a Virtual Hub icon

Converge at a Virtual Hub

Offers a unique 360° projection experience for visitors to interact around a virtual hub.

Highlight The Space icon

Highlight The Space

Highlights content and transforms the space it occupies.

Global Understanding icon

Global Understanding

ORA technology enhances understanding by providing a comprehensive overview, enabling participants to grasp the topic with clarity.

Increase Engagement icon

Increase Engagement

ORA’s animation technology enhances engagement and transforms visitors into brand ambassadors through social media sharing.

Collective Experiences icon

Innovative Collective Experiences

Boost event strategy with digital innovation: extend experience on social media, create virtual operations, and increase brand influence in the digital age.

ORA Usage

ORA sphere is versatile and adaptable, suitable for various settings like trade shows, events, education, museums, and cultural exhibits. It attracts attention, generates curiosity, and becomes the centerpiece of the event.
ORA sphere delivers in museums 8x higher visitor engagement, proven through testing. Installed in over 100 museums worldwide, ORA enhances understanding of scientific themes, creates interactive animations for experiential learning and improves visitor interest and retention. Offers remote control for lively, playful presentations during school visits.
Cultural Events
The ORA sphere enhances exhibitions, concerts, and live shows by adding a new level of visual and auditory experience. With the ability to transform into a celestial moon, blazing fireball, or underwater world, it serves as a captivating decorative element that brings life to any space. The possibilities with the ORA sphere are endless and limited only by the imagination of its creators.
ORA massively increases student engagement in the classroom and gets students excited about subjects as diverse as history, geography and earth science. It comes with hundreds of contents to build effective lessons in conjunction with Powerpoint. A study of over 1400 students in China showed an improvement of over 60% in comprehension of the topics covered.
Trade Shows
Professional Events
ORA sphere enhances professional events with captivating visual experiences that increase visitor engagement and message retention. With a proven track record in industries such as automotive, real estate, luxury, and air transportation, the ORA sphere is a powerful tool for experiential marketing that elevates brand recognition.

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